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Designed to help children realise their potential

Why us

The best early learning experience

Here at Precious Tots, we aim to provide a comfortable learning environment to ensure a good start to your child's future. Our curriculum is based around the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and takes into account the seven areas of learning

Precious Tots use the areas of learning and development when observing and planning for your child’s individual needs. The 7 areas of learning and development make sure that we are constantly challenging your child and helping them to develop and succeed.

1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
2. Physical Development
3. Communication and Language
4. Literacy
5. Mathematics
6. Understanding the World
7. Expressive Art and Design

Holistic approach

We see children as individuals with unique needs and talents and recognise that children learn best when their individual needs are met.

Passionate teachers

Our staff are keen to spread fun and positivity and genuinely enjoy teaching and engaging with our children.

Supervision of children

We ensure guidance of the behaviour and activities of children for their health, safety and well-being by our staff who are within sight and sound of the children.


Baby Room

We have fully qualified and experienced practitioners, nursery assistants and First Aiders. We provide an environment that is welcoming, secure, bright and stimulating. We encourage independence and the children are allowed freedom of movement and choice of activities.


Toddler Room

This room includes a prepared environment with areas of the curriculum which includes practical life, care of the self, refinement of the senses, language and vocabulary skills, science, drama, creative art, physical education, music and creative movement, development of number concepts and mathematical operations as well as an awareness of our environment geographically and historically.


Preschool Room

Our children are encouraged to be independent and be of good behavior. This is fostered by our well-defined rules and our daily routines. At Precious Tots our children learn the letters of the alphabet phonetically. Our curriculum is reviewed continuously and incorporates the best of various findings. By the time your child leaves for 'big school' amongst other things, they are able to socialise freely, work independently, as well as in groups, write their own names, read and write simple words, do mathematical operations (addition and subtractions) and also talk extensively about their environment and other parts of the world.

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